You can order between 12 and 200 oysters online. To order larger quantities, please contact us on 01668 213870.

When ordering, please specify your preferred delivery date. Please note, we need 2 working days to dispatch your order.

Or delivery charges are as follows:-
Standard delivery charge Tuesday to Friday is £9.30 (inc VAT). Delivery Before 12:00 Tuesday to Friday is £15.05 (inc vat) and delivery on a Saturday is £21.78 (inc VAT).

Please Note orders can not be taken more than 4 weeks in advance to  maintain stock and the ability to fulfill your order and we don’t deliver on a Sunday or Monday.

It may be possible to dispatch your oysters on a next day delivery. Please call us to enquire about this service.

Please make arrangements for the arrival of your order. Your oysters should arrive chilled, please discard the absorption and refrigerator packs which will have defrosted.


12 to 24 £1.60 each
25 to 50 £1.30 each
51 to 100 £1.20 each
101 to 150 £1.10 each
151 to 200 £1.00 each